Defenders are every day people who:

  • Promote a sex-positive message that honors women

  • Make informed decisions to reject pornography

  • Empower communities to confront the commercial sex industry

Defenders are every day people that want to do something about the exploitation in our society.

Church or small group leaders as well as other community leaders are some of our most engaged Defenders. Sexual exploitation is a heart issue that requires a heart response, and who better to get to the heart of the matter?

Imagine how different the world would be if we raised our children to Defend each other from sexual exploitation instead of raising them to exploit each other. Remember, ignorance in the next generation is the failure of this generation. 

If we removed every trafficker, rescued every woman, and shut down every brothel, sex trafficking would continue. Why? The demand for these services is the fuel of this dark industry. Help end sexual slavery by fighting the demand for it.

We need a more robust form of sexual education in our schools. Empirically, "Just Say No" to drugs didn't work. Why would sex be any different? Consider this: most children are exposed to pornography by age 8. Should this be their first sex ed? 

We have a deep love for individuals who have been betrayed by a partner who chose to purchase sex and/or has a sexual compulsion. Whether you need a Defender to talk to or want to Defend others in this situation, LPNP is here for you.