This Couple Donated Their Wedding to Fight The Demand for Sex Trafficking

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Sometimes, fighting and loving are the same thing.

We use the phrase #GetEngaged a LOT. In the context of Love People Not Pixels, it's what we say when we talk about training with LPNP to become a Defender. This couple took it to another level. What do we mean by that? When this couple got engaged at a Defender Training, they also got engaged in real life. That's right. This couple is also getting married! We're not sure if they were confused when we said to "get engaged", but we aren't going to correct them. :)

When these two Defenders got engaged to be wed, they decided to refuse wedding gifts. Instead, Amanda and Charles are asking everyone to donate the cash value of the gifts they WOULD have been given in order to fight the demand for sex trafficking.

What an awesome example of how love brings light into the darkness!

Thank you, Amanda and Charles, for fighting. Thank you for loving. Thank you for Defending Love! If you want to support Amanda and Charles and congratulate them on this new chapter of their life, click here.

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